Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Way-It-Was Wednesday

We've been chatting, my knitting firends and I, about the oldest pieces of knitting we have. I thought I'd share, on Wednesdays, pictures of some of the things I've knit in the past.

These socks were made in February 2000 from yarn I picked up in many places, from a yarn store that was going out of business to Smileys yarns to who knows what. They are mostly wool, with a few blends for colors. The recipient wanted bright colors. Said creature needs a name. We shall call it Socker. Socker really liked these socks, but has grown. I have no idea where the other one is.

The pattern was from a book of Turkish sock patterns, and when I find it I will give the particulars. I do recall that it was reprinted later with a different title. If you have that book, and I am sure you know which one it is if you have it, you can find the pattern easily - it is called hook or the hook.

The ribbing is synthetic. The dark blue at the top there is Shetland, I think, from a sweater I pulled apart. The gold is from the defuncto place, which had had it since '75, at least, or maybe '55 , for that matter. You had to see the lables. The bright orange was handspun and dyed with powdered drink mix, the blue, pink, and black are, I think, synthetic blends. None of it was regulation sock yarn. The pattern called for the afterthought heels.

The now-lost mate used all the same colors, but not in any of the same places, and that was deliberate. We wanted the socks to be as interesting as possible - at least, I did. Socker did go through a phase of wanting things to match, but it might have been before this. I've been wearing whatever two socks I can find clean since college, so fraternal twin socks don't bother me at all.

Hmmm...I bet Socker would like a larger pair now.


CatBookMom said...

Colorful and so cheerful! I can't quite imagine weaving in so many ends on one sock. Put it up as a happy-making thing where you'll see it and smile.

Horcrux has not yet progressed further, due to tired eyes.

smariek said...

What a pretty sock. I would want to wear it with Birks to show them off...