Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why am I so delusional?

Why am I so delusional that I can't even figure out what the reigning delusion is?

For example, let us take the socks I am currently slogging my way through...

I like the pattern. Even though I wrote the pattern, I like it and the way it is coming out.

I like the yarn. It is not perfect yarn, but it is not PITA yarn, either, and it is really a good color for these socks.

I like the person I am knitting them for. We have been in several swaps, and while I have never had her for a spoiler or spoilee, we have been in the same house and she is a very nice person.

Clearly, then, the major reasons things take longer than you could possibly believe are not in force here. I am not reluctant to finish this pair of socks because I don't like them, or the yarn, or the person, or even the person who wrote the pattern.

So I must be suffering under some delusion. The socks must be coming out about as fast as I should have thought they would. I must simply be delusional about something, and here are my possibilities...

1. Did I suddenly think I would be getting enough sleep?
When the nurse told me she would be gone for a week and a half, did I think this would not affect my sleep?

2. When I realized I would be trying to finish these socks at an athletic event with 1500 athletes, one of which was my son, while living in a dorm and eating under a tent, did I think that somehow this would make it easier to knit? With very small needles? On darkish yarn?

3. Did I think I could knit at night? I know I thought this. I know I thought I could knit when I was tired and could barely see. Why did I think that my pretty pathetic eyes would work better than they do? Just because the girl who knitted me socks last swap is legally blind and got hers done on time?

4. I know I thought I would be able to knit in the car. I was able to knit in the car. I was able to make a mistake that took me an hour fix is what I was able to do. Why did I think knitting in the car was a good idea?

5.Why did I not foresee that the little online school I am currently headmistress of would have a drama attack as I reached the painful point of realizing I was already over one week late, and make me even later? (Why are there nearly adult humans who can refer to the character of Severus Snape as "Sevvy-Poo" and expect other people to treat them as if they are sane?)

6. And lastly, Why did I not realize that the only way for me to ever be on time is to be early? Since even then I can't manage it half the time? Why?

No idea which is the controlling delusion, but I think that I should probably remember this all in case there is ever a next time...