Thursday, August 20, 2009

Finally begun

So, I have cast on and am halfway through the garter stitch section of the February Baby sweater. I cast on in the kettle dyed gold Knitpicks and I had to transfer the cast on to the other needle to start with a knit row on the right side. I am about halfway through that part, I guess. It seems a tiny bit rough but I felt the swatch I washes, which is softer - I think it will be ok.

I am using Elann Sock it to me in whatever they call their burgundy color.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

EZ would be so proud...

I have been wanting to make the EZ February baby sweater at least since Ellen of my spinning group made one for my now-4year old, maybe before.

"One ball of wool, quick project, they're great," says Ellen. I am willing to believe her. However, I can't seem to decide which particular yarn to use for this baby, who is the product of a Gryffindor father and a Ravenclaw mother who writes. I keep rehearsing yarns in my mind and in reality, but as of yet, not feeling the love.

So I check out teh Rav.

3199 projects of this sweater. They don't all look alike. Some are made from acrylic worsted, some are made from baby wool, a lot are Dream in Color Smooshy, a yarn I have to buy and knit socks from eventually if only because I have a friend who will SWOON at the thought of having SMOOSHY socks. (She's not a knitter, but she knows a good word when she sees one.) Anyway - in less than 20 of the 128 pages of pictures they have of these things, I found another one made in Paton's KRoy and asked said maker if it was soft enough. Tactless? Maybe. But this is what you get when you put up a project and picture but leave no useable notes.

The son-child is thinking that some nice Gryffindor indie-dyed sock yarn that I have would be a good idea. I have Caron Naturally Country in Grey and in Periwinkle blue. The baby lives down south, so very airy, or else made of not all wool, are probably good ideas...

What do y'all think???