Friday, January 13, 2012

Because these are probably all wrong...

Because these are probably all wrong for the 18th century, but I have them, I am putting washed-out pictures of them here. In case, you know, someone who knows says "Oh, no, that's not too bad. You could use it, you know. If you promise to only wear it in the dark. And only to places we do not go. And not to speak to us or act like you know us while you wear it..." You know, encouraging stuff... I have something for a first pair of breeches for the other person, and he has a shirt already that I am not even terribly ashamed of, even if the buttonholes do look like filly-be-damned (I have no idea what that means - my grandma used to say it.) So I am wondering about a dark red cotton I have for a waistcoat... that, or poor fellow will be stuck with Osnaburg cotton. But that is for another post.

This has been fulled. I have enough of it for maybe a bedgown or something of that ilk. But I am not sure about the stripes.

One shot of the Ikea Duvet cover fabric. I know it is not exactly right, but is it close enough for... something?

Another shot of the Ikea fabric.

This was also cheap - five dollars for a several yards piece, maybe? - and wool, so I figured I would pick it up. Probably not right for anything, but if it looks like there is hope for some 18th century use, great. If not, I can always find some 21st century thing to do with it - not a big investment there to worry about. None of them were, in fact. This one is not yet fulled, if that makes a difference.