Saturday, April 14, 2007

So I am supposed to be Wrenning, but, instead, I am whining and Luna-ing.

First, the Whine...

Why do companies make their expensive yarns in so many ridiculous guages? Are they figuring "no one else out there will have 16 and 24 37ths of a stitch to four inches, they will have to buy our fifteen dollar a ball #%$@ MWAHAHAHA!!!!!!"

I never use the yarn called for. It does not allow for creativity, for dash, for verve, for having a really good reason to curse when your calculations changing from the old guage to the new turn out to have been incorrect - it seems spiritually incorrect. And I am cheap. I am so used to being cheap that even when the yarn called for is cheap I am looking for something cheaper. Hmmm maybe I should have waited till I knew you all better to say that. Well, I was spoiled by Smileys early on in my knitting career.

And if I DID buy the same yarn - I actually do have some yarn sitting in the basement, waiting to be knitted up into a sweater from a book calling for that very same yarn, but I got it on sale - anyway, even if I do, I still have to get out the calculator. I am short. There is simply not as much of me between my nipples and my neck as the designers account for, even as the nipples start to sag... And there is also more of me between my nipples and waist than we were counting on, but not in a good way. So I can never jsut knit something. I have to adjust it and then hope it is not like the lovely linen bridesmaids outfit I made for my friend's wedding. My belly button was showing. In, I think, every picture I'm in.

Whine, whine, whine, etc.

Now part of the problem with Wren is that sweaters make me nervous, so it is easier to knit on the shawl in the really pretty yarn and let that sort of slide. Because for Wren, I have to take measurements. It has waist shaping. But I will force myself. I already bought two skirts to go with it...


LibbyKnitKins said...

T, I love how you always hit the nail on the head for short people like us!! I have the same problems with the nipples and tummy area!


Joan said...

Now that's a HOT bridesmaid flashing her bb in every photo.. LOL.
You made it, T! Welcome aboard!

Lisa W. said...

I'm so so glad you are on the Ring! yay T! I love to read your writing. Belly Button Bridesmaid huh...too cute! Was it pierced for a bit of bling? methinks probly not...but one can imagine eh? Think of the shaping required by Wren as a good math or engineering class, where you actually get to complete an object (or tear out and get do-overs) for the practicum! Can't wait to see your Wren and Luna :) Have a fab day!

junior_goddess said...

Just knit the Wren, T. You are having Knitformance anxiety.

Betsy, who usually has to make it shorter too.