Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hogwarts-sock-swap progress

Well, I got an e-mail from my secret pal, and have to e-mail her back. She got specially dyed yarn for my socks, and is talking about casting on already.


I have been dithering because first, I wanted to find out some things about what my person would like. I am probably over-thinking this, because I have never been in a sock swap before and of course want to make the most marvelous socks EVER for this gal, the socks that will just make her swoon with delight. Now I don't particularly like eating my own cooking because I am always sure everyone else's is better, but even I will take socks knitted by me - any old pair, even the RHSS ones. So I am pretty sure this woman will like whatever nice pair of socks I send. If I just get variegated yarn and make one of the pretty patterns that other people have posted links to, and which they are probably using...But NO, I feel I ought to transcend all former socks and create - the socks of all socks! The socks de resistance! The mastersocks!!!

So, someone save me from myself. Is combining cables in a particularly meaningful Hogwarts shape, a panel of lace with a contrasting solid panel behind it, and some color work too much for one sock to take?

*wanders off muttering "must check stitch dictionary, must check stitch dictionary, must check...


Having a Knit Fitt said...

Too much for one sock to take!

jayne said...

This sounds fun. I signed up yesterday for Sockapalooza 4. This is my first one of these, and I am having similar thoughts as you. I usually make plain socks, but do I have to come up with something super-wow for my pal? I was kind of hoping to choose a super wow yarn and let the sock speak for itself, but I'll have to see who I get paired with first. Still, I'm pretty excited about it.

Are you familiar with the Blue Blog? The author is hosting a House Colours knit hats for charity event. She has written a book of Potter patterns. That looked like fun too.

smariek said...

I love cables. I love lace. Sometimes the combination of the two works. I'm trying to imagine this in the Hogwarts sock and am thinking it's too much. However if you do go for it, I'll bet you can manage to make it work.