Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Way-it-was Wednesday

I believe I have mentioned before that I have knit a few socks over the years for Socker. Socker likes color patterns better than texture or solid stockinette, and I try to accomodate when I have time, patience, and thin enough yarn.

These socks were something of an experiment.

I knitted them in slip stitch patterns because I figured they would be thinner and fit under shoes better than stranded knitting. That worked.

I knitted on with triangular patterns and one, I think, with square patterns. That worked.

I used two yarns which were both sparkly and very close in value. That did not work so well. It is very hard, even in good light, in person, with your reading glasses on, to really appreciate the pattern.

Failure? Success? They were never Socker's favorites, but I learned a few things. You decide.


Les said...

Those are beautiful T! Someday I will try to make a sock in two different colours. I bought the XRX Socks book from several years ago, when I saw it recently. It has lots of interesting socks from a sock competition. You've inspired me with the socks you've knit!

Lisa W. said...

t...you are so accomplished. thanks for the tips on doing the mosaic or slip stitch thing vs the stranded thing with multi color knitting. great idea! and hey, if you learn something...it's never a failure...that's my story and i'm sticking to it.

junior_goddess said...

I like them!

benne said...

I love that sock!