Monday, January 26, 2009

What I am up to...besides general procrastination

What I am up to, besides general procrastination, is trying to remember to breathe when I think of all the things I really should be doing at any given minute, as opposed to all the things I tend to actually do with those minutes.

Maybe I should knit the stuff for Reducio 4 already. It is all small stuff, it does not take long, and yet, I am always just about the last one mailing, and in a panic. And then DH wants to know why I do these swaps, since they are just so stressful, and it would not be nice to say "Because then I end up with nicer stuff than anyone I know offline actually gives me for gifts" since after all he is one of those people I know I should knit this stuff.

And My mother is turning 70 in the fall, so shouldn't I really make her shawl, which I have allegedly been working on for over three years now and which was supposed to be a 65th birthday gift, but which is a grand total of, let me see, three inches long? As in 69 to go? And that is assuming I do not run out of wool even though I have made it wider than it was supposed to be because I had to because I could not get gauge and she knew how wide she wanted it and so I added stitches to the edging and now I suppose I am very likely to run out of yarn and ought to get me some more of that,

Please picture me running around in little circles, pulling my hair out.

And please also recall that I have two children and a husband, all of whom seem to think I owe them some attention in between my knitting and spinning and writing and general socializing, etc...

Ok, so, that is what I am up to.

So what have I done so far this evening? I have started frogging a thrift store sweater and read half of the posts on Ravelry.

And why have I started frogging this sweater? Because, of course, I need the wool for yet another project I intend to start, the little amigurumi acorn yarn bag that is so adorable...

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CelticMommy said...

Omigosh, acorn bag?! Where is that pattern? Oh how super cool.

Good luck in Slytherin this term. I can' believe we're already to HSKS7!!
:-) Bevin