Thursday, January 29, 2009

I am usually the last on the boat.

Really. As any given boat is pulling away from the dock, I am running, and they are screaming, "jump, jump," and then some burly guy picks me up and tosses me across the water and there I am in the very nick of time.

Ok, well, maybe not the burly guy part. Anyhoo, seriously, I figure if I know about something, EVERYONE else, I mean, in the UNIVERSE, must know about it already. However, today I happen across two peoples, Bevin and Kims, who don't know about this pattern for a crocheted acorn project bag, so here, without further ado, is the pattern for the Acorn Project Bag

It says it is for little projects. I think if I was putting a really small sock project in there, or a beading project, or anything of that ilk, I would maybe want to line it first, as my crocheting seemed to leave holes that needles could find their way out of.

But I LURVE this acorn, I really, really, do, and I can think of lots of things besides knitting projects to put in here. Like hows about you stick a little grommet somewhere on the lid, or else a sort of piece of straw in the part of the lit that turns into the little stem, and use it just for the ball of yarn for the project?

OR for a little snack. I would put the snack in a little ziploc bag, maybe, to keep the thing clean, but a half a tuna fish sandwhich and a few oreos could go in there with room for a clementine and maybe a few pickle chips, you know?

OR for those of you who put your fruit in cozies - you know who you are, you pervs - maybe your fruit could be more modestly housed in this acorn.

OR if you had really really big earrings, you could keep them in here when you travelled. I have seen earrings that would just barely fit in here, and not just in National Geographic, either.

OR you could cleverly fit some clean undies and a toothbrush and any necessary precautions in there, you know, in case you run into a really really cute guy on the elevator on the way out of work.

OR you could use it for your gambling stuff - you know, the dice, or the chips, or the cards, or the lotto tickets.

OR, if your car is really stinky, you could fill it up with baking soda, or maybe potpouri, or dead fish, or anything which smells a little less bad than the car, and hang it from the rearview mirror.

OR you could, you know, totally confuse the uiverse by throwing a set of really large Rosary beads into a nut which is sacred to some pagan god, I forget which one, but I'm with the rosary crew, so maybe it does not matter so much in my case.

You can even be sort of, dunno, maybe cannabalistic, or something, and put one of the pattern writer's other Amirigumi things in there - like one of the little owls, or tree frogs,or maybe the toad...

Anyway, it is too cute to live, it really is. Took me longer than 3 hours to crochet, but I am no speed crocheter- your mileage or trip time may differ.


CelticMommy said...

OMG, you so crack me up! Will be making these for the boys as treasure pouches somewhere in the middle of HSKS crocheting.
Thank you! :-)

Joan said...

Never saw that one before. So cute. Yet another in the long line of crochet projects I will never do bc I can't grasp crochet. Duh.

Hope all is well in New Yawk!

Shelvicious said...

I LOVE the acorn! I wish I knew how to crochet! Funny about the earrings...I think I have some...