Monday, April 14, 2008

We all have days like this...

This morning I had a 50 foot tree from the front of the house cut down. It needed it. It has been losing branches for 7 years, and not only was it shaggy looking, we were starting to worry about it deciding to come down of it's own accord - probably on someone else's car, or house, or self, even. The men were done by 8:45. I am blaming it on this.

Anyway, after the men, and a number of people who just had to either call or show up at the door, or call back, or forget to call back, and cleaning the couch from the creative efforts of the two year old who has started making a habit of this, I decided to call Patternworks and ask about a sock yarn I've been eying in their catalog. It is the Kertzer On Your Toes, color 3812.

It is in the same box with color 3817 ,which is shown knitted up into a pair of socks, and very clearly the socks have strong stirpes of Hot Pink about 3 inches wide, with stripes of multicolor in between. I was discussing this with customer service, and went on to explain that This was not my favorite look, although I do like the color pink, and anyway, if they are too bright,

"All you have to do is pull your pants down."

I probably should have included the word "cuffs."

We had a good laugh, though. You'd hope that would distract from your socks, wouldn't you?

See, knitting CAN cure anything. Even a crazy day...


Joan said...

LOL. I haven't tried KP sock yarn or much else except needles. But I saw the new sock yarn in the last catalog. Hope it's good stuff and you can keep your pants up.

Were many squirrels and birds displaced by the mega tree? I walk around all winter with my head up, scouting out nests in the bare trees. I wonder where the creatures live, who feed in my yard.

Gryffinitter said...

It was Patternworks - I may have typed it incorrectly. In the end I decided on JoJo land instead.

One of the reasons I kept the tree up after the first half of the branches - all the ones on the north side of the tree - fell down in a winter storm a few years ago was because mourning doves used to nest in there. I had not heard them recently. Most of my squirrel activity is in the backyard. I don't think I had any birds nesting in that one at the present time - it was something I thought of.

Because I live in a suburban section of a city and have a street about 25 feet from the front of the house I see lots more wildlife in the back. I think the mourning doves are still in the neighborhood cause I've seen them back there. The big loss was the forsythia bush the next door neighbors cut down. Birds did not nest in it, but they would hang out there at certain hours. However, since the reason they did it was to put up a fence to keep their baby from running into the street I really did not even feel I should get angry. I am trying to figure out where else we can plant a similar bush to serve a similar purpose.

junior_goddess said...

Clearly, you have lost your mind. It's probably down at the beach with mine.