Thursday, October 18, 2007

I think I may have made up my mind...sorta

Ok, so I am designing this Hermione sock for my terrific sock pal. And of course I want it to be the very best pair of socks EVER MADE so that she will MELT with pleasure every single time she looks at them, never mind wears them.

I thought I had decided on the stitch patterns. I did! I did! And I got input from someone who likes Hermione so much it is part of her screen name, and someone who adores Ron and should know what Hermione would like sort of by reflection, and Socker, and....

Well, I hadn't. But Now I have, and life is sweet because I can knit on them all the way to Rhinebeck, and all the way back, and...and...

Well, life is just sweet!

No pictures cause I don't want to tip her off!


Suzann said...

I can't wait to see your Hermione socks. I wish she was a role model for more girls. Of course that might be, because I have a daughter.
I am curious to see what you have come up with. Hermione in a sock. You go girl
Have a great time at Rhinebeck.

junior_goddess said...

have fun this weekend!